Zoerdoef Ruby: Internationally making South Africans truly proud!

South African Ruby in the sky with international diamonds!

Zoerdoef Ruby excelled by winning the international Michelangelo Platinum Award.
Zoerdoef is bringing life to any event and is making South Africans proud of this truly
homegrown product. Somewhere, from nowhere a bottle of Zoerdoef would emerge to provide spirit and novelty to social occasions for the last three years. Zoerdoef is a passion fruit liqueur made of granadilla pulp and is hand-crafted on a family farm north of Pretoria. Two granadilla famers, Marlene and Claire, are the inspiration behind Zoerdoef. As farmers, they experimented with the pulp to produce a unique cocktail. The official production of Zoerdoef granadilla commenced in 2016. Since its launch Zoerdoef passion fruit liqueur has taken the market by storm.

In 2018 Marlene and Claire introduced two additional products namely Zoerdoef Mango and Zoerdoef Ruby. These two new flavours were produced on public demand as the requests for a wider range of Zoerdoef products was expressed by consumers. The producers entered all three Zoerdoef flavours in the 2018 Michelangelo International Wine and Spirits Awards competition.

Wine and spirits producers, critics, journalists, sommeliers and connoisseurs from countries such as Romania, Netherlands, Argentina, Portugal, France, Czech Republic, China, India, Singapore, Italy, Russia, Canada, Britain, Latin America and Asia gathered outside Stellenbosch for the Michelangelo International Wine and Spirits Awards. The judges represented a range of international palates to assess and measure products. Michelangelo is setting strict and new record-breaking standards to wine and spirits producers globally. Industries such as hospitality, airlines and retail carefully monitor accolades given by the Michelangelo International Wine and Spirits Awards.
The Zoerdoef products competed against 2255 entries from sixteen other countries. Overall Zoerdoef performed exceptionally well in the competition and Zoerdoef Ruby excelled by winning the international award and was presented with the Michelangelo Platinum Award. To be awarded the Michelangelo Platinum Award means that Ruby scored above 96% in comparison to the other entries. This truly homegrown and hand-crafted South African product was presented for assessment to a panel representing an international palate and has proved to be the overall international champion!